Marble Mountain

We were sitting at my new favorite place around here, the rooftop bar and pool on the roof of our hotel, and I was looking south towards Marble Mountain. These are a few large outcroppings of very high quality marble that are a few kilometers south of our hotel. Suddenly I began to realize that about 500 meters south of our hotel and partially obscured by trees and tall buildings was something that looked like the remains of a runway. After looking at Google Earth views and some old photographs I came to the realization that the Marine Corps Air facility at Marble Mountain was very close to our hotel.

View from our hotel looking south

As we drove by there the other day I thought I saw some of the concrete revetments they used during the war over there but I wasn’t sure. They look like open-ended cement Quonset huts. Now, after looking at Google Earth views I know they were revetments and I know why they were there. Here’s a view of the place looking towards our hotel site taken in 1968.

Ariel view of Marble mountain looking North in 1968

Our hotel is where the trees are at the far end of the runway.

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