Watch this space!

On May 3rd James Kiser and I, Bob Simington, will be returning to Vietnam. We plan to visit Danang, Hue, and Dong Ha and we intend to locate and photograph a lot of the positions 1st Guns occupied during its deployment to Vietnam. I also intend to maintain a blog of our trip on this site. Hopefully, the blog will be as well-received as the one I maintained on my last visit in 2011 (here).

Stay tuned.

4 thoughts on “Watch this space!

  1. Bob, I brought back a couple cuttings from some bushes and trees at the Phu Bai site and one of them is growing. Good luck on your trip.

  2. Served with 1st 155 1/67-12/67. Maintenance. Was at PK17 when overrun by VC, Army on south perimeter lost two twin 40’s, we lost 2 comrades; many VC dead.

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