All the areas of battery activity in Vietnam are covered by 4 grid sheets: The are:

Danang Area locations (L7014 6641III) Shows the first 2 Battery locations in 1966, the last location in 1970, and various deployments in the Danang TAOR

Hue/Phu Bai Locations (L7014 6541 IV) Shows the Battery locations in the Phu Bai TAOR from Jun66 to Nov68

PK17 – Camp Evans Locations (L7014 6442 II) Shows Battery locations on deployments to PK-17 and Camp Evans (Operations Cumberland and Chinook)

South Danang Locations (L7041 6640 IV) Shows Battery locations from Nov68 to Sep70


Google Earth users; This link will open a Google Earth placemark folder in Google Earth that show all the locations 1st Guns occupied in Vietnam from 1966 to 1969. You must have Google Earth installed on your computer to use this link.