Almost There

May 1967 was not a very eventful month in the life of the 1st Guns battery. The battery was located on the south side of the Phu Bai compound, which was home to the 3rd Marine Division headquarters and the 12th Marine Regiment to which we were assigned. We had been located there for eight months by this time and we were settled in for the most part. Early in the month we sent a platoon of Guns (2) up to a place called Gia Le, which was very close to the position we had been in most of the previous summer, to support an operation called “Operation Cumberland”. We moved the platoon several times over the summer in support of that operation. The battery got a new CO that month. His name was Harry Baig. Harry was a very unusual character who turned out to be quite an enigma (see here for more info). To most of us he was just a “gung ho” wacko.

Kiser and I spent a day in Hawaii today, gearing up for our trek to Danang tomorrow. So far all has gone well and our next entry should be from Danang.

Diamond Head

Diamond Head

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