Contacts needed

Do you know of anyone who served with 1st Guns in Vietnam (155mm or 175mm Guns)? Please reply if you do.

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  1. I served with 1st Guns from March 1969 till Sept 1970.Served with the 155s a short time on hill 55.moved to hill 34 when we got the 175s.Made many trips to hill 65.
    My mos was 2111.

    Most called me Goody.

  2. My name is Steve Heltzel and I arrived in SVN July of 8
    69 and was assigned to 1st 175 MM guns. I worked in the office as a clerk. During my time there, since everyone was pulling out did my share of guard duty and humped rounds for the guns when needed.
    I was transferred from one company to the other as they were leaving until everyone had left in October and then went to Okinawa.Due to my short time being there I didn’t really learn names just nick names.
    The thing I recall the best is when we were leaving and turning things over the ARVIN how they inspected everything and the M-16s and the magazines had to be spotless. One of the sergeants made the comment that “they were clean enough to drop.”
    I;m glad to have found this site, keep up the good work.

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