Looking for members of 1st 175mm Guns

Did you serve with 1st 175mm Guns in Vietnam? If so, we’d like to hear from you.

1 thought on “Looking for members of 1st 175mm Guns

  1. I was actually on 1st guns turf on Feb 4,th ?? 1968 when we were hit by friendly fire. I still remember thinking it would never stop!! We didn’t know until morning that it was the Army that hit us. I think their call sign was Sandhurst or Sandhurst Bravo at that time?? Or something close. I wasn’t attached to first guns but on the lines that night and sent across the swamp from 1st Field Arty group.

    I was in FDC there for a while and got to know one of the officers from guns. I never actually met him, but I knew his name. Once in a while I’d send him the training drill grids ahead of time so his gun crew could get some sleep at night – or whenever.

    I also remember the terrible incidents of the guns exploding. Horrible loss of good men.

    All the best.


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