Photographs on these pages were contributed by: Al Kleinhenz, Bert Francis, Bob Simington, Henry Crus, Larry Hilton, Andrew Huntoon, Roger Venneberg, John Skinner, Chuck Popovich, TW Kish, Bill Covairt, James Kiser, Larry Elkins, and Dan Jarzabkowski.

There is some video shot by Larry Hilton in Gia Le and Phu Bai posted here and here.

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First 1st Guns Vietnam position in 1966.
First 1st Guns Vietnam position in 2017. The site is now a dump or a landfill site.
Scan290 edited.jpg
Gia Le position in 1966
Front Gate.jpg
Gia Le position in 2017. This is taken about where the Vietnamese barber had his shop near our front gate. It is now a military barracks.
Phu Bai Battery location 1967
Phu Bai site today looking from battery center towards the front gate and Highway 1. The FDC bunker was just about where that pile of trash is on the right side of the road.
China Beach 1967
China Beach 2011
Street scene in Hue 1967
Street scene in Hue 2011
View from Rt 1 between Danang and Hue 1966
View from Route 1 between Danang and Hue 2011. Route 1 now goes through a tunnel beneath this site and the old road is seldom used. In total there are three tunnels on the road from Danang to Hue and it is a 4-lane divided highway for most of that route.
Thien Mu pagoda 1966
Hue Pagoda.jpg
Thein Mu pagoda entrance from the river
Grounds of the Thien Mu pagoda in 1966
pagoda grounds edited.jpg
Thein Mu pagoda grounds 2017
East Gate of Hue Citadel 1966
East Gate edited.jpg
Hue Citadel East Gate 2017
Operation Cumberland support position on the road to Ashau Valley 1967
Ashau site gate.jpg
This is the entrance to the property that now occupies the site where the battery was located on the road to Ashau in 1967. The site is wooded and private.